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About the Palouse

The Palouse is the most serene and pastoral of the seven wonders of Washington State. It is a region in south eastern Washington characterized by gentle rolling hills covered with grain fields and other Northwest crops. The hills were formed over tens of thousands of years from wind blown dust and silt, called “loess”, from dry regions to the south west. Seen from the summit of 3,612 foot high Steptoe Butte, they look like giant sand dunes because they were formed in much the same way. In the spring they are lush shades of green when the wheat and barley are young, and in the summer they are dry shades of brown when the crops are ready for harvest. The Palouse hills are not only a landscape unique in the world, but they are beautiful to behold, making them our favorite of the seven wonders of Washington State.

About our venue

Our landscape and stunning territorial views are a perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Our outdoor venue is located on acreage and is large enough to accommodate 75-100 people. We offer our venue for 11 hours on your wedding day…from 12:00 noon – 11:00pm PST. We provide tables, chairs, backdrop for ceremony, dance floor and dressing rooms for the bridal party. (for packages #2 and #3) We offer world class BBQ catering as well with several selections of meats and sides with different price points. 

Meet the Team

Greg, Jodi & Julie

Our Team:

Greg and Jodi Miley, owners of Palouse Ridge Events; Julie, Wedding Coordinator.

Greg: Co-owner of the event center, Greg has a plethora of interests. His passion is creating food that will create a memory to last for years to come. He and Jodi own a catering company called IBBQ4U which has been in business for 40 years. His food is Texas-style BBQ/smoked meats with many side options. Prior to catering, Greg worked for Shell in the Agricultural division overseas as a territory manager in the Middle East, Far East and Australia helping people grow more food for their populations. 

Jodi: Co-owner of the event center, Jodi retired from dentistry several years ago. Her focus was on cosmetic dentistry and designing the very best smiles for her patients. Jodi has always had an interest in design and art which is helpful in staging for the wedding events. Jodi’s primary hobby is gardening which helps Palouse Ridge Events grounds look as beautiful as possible. 

Julie: Julie works in the school district, but has been involved in wedding coordination in her time off. She is easy to work with and loves to help couples create the wedding of their dreams. She is looking forward to working with you as soon as you are ready.

Palouse Ridge Events


If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We will always do our best to provide you with as much information and support as possible.